The terminal is one the most important feature on Tyles. It lets you search for any Tyle or take actions in the Tyles app with just a few keystrokes. And with the desktop app, you capture any information as a Tyle blazlingly fast. Goodbye copy and paste.

The basics

To learn how to use Tyles well, build a habit of using the terminal. We recommend these steps:

  • Through the terminal you can navigate to any Tyle.
  • Anything that you are able to do in the Tyles app (e.g. creating a new Tyle or connecting Tyles), can be done from anywhere with the terminal.

Saving information

With the Tyles' terminal you can capture more information at higher speed with less cognitive load. And most importantly from anywhere – the web, your desktop or literally any app in the universe. The best thing is that your sources and metadata are automatically saved.

You can download the Tyles desktop terminal here.

Simply copy information to your clipboard using Cmd/Ctrl  C and open the command menu with Cmd/Ctrl K. You can then save the information

  • 1) to your inbox and deal with it later
  • 2) to an exisiting Tyle or
  • 3) to an entirely new Tyle

Terminal design

  • The terminal gives you access to all actions applicable to your selection.
  • We also bring up the command menu when you're clicking on items in the UI that have a corresponding action command menu, such as searching for a Tyle.
  • The command menu groups its commands based on their functionality.

Anything still unclear?

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or ideas, just shoot us a message to hi@tyles.io. Cheers!