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Knowledge is humanity's greatest asset. Why, though, is it that we still have to juggle so many files, apps, browser tabs and links at the same time? Technology should support us in developing understanding instead of making us blandly copy and paste information from one place to the other. But the truth is: we are overwhelmed by information and it's not easy to make sense of all this mess.

If you're from this planet, you're probably familiar with this situation:

Okay, this image is slightly exaggerating. But you get the point :)

And this represents only one entry on the list of things that suck about knowledge work. So we're asking ourselves: what if we rethought the entire information journey? With Tyles, we want to build the first complete knowledge management tool for knowledge workers to finally get away with the friction of saving, organizing and using information. Using Tyles will feel as if you had a second brain helping you to build knowledge at least twice as fast and ten times as easy.

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What we believe

Putting users first

Our decisions and priorities come from working backwards from our users’ most important problems.

Work should be meaningful

The fierce desire to create and optimism about the world make the glue that binds a company.

Long-term thinking

Integrity, honesty, and decency are long-term cultural investments. They create stronger relationships and a better place to work.

Candid feedback

The goal at Tyles is to help each other succeed, that means to give feedback even if the truth hurts. There needs to be strain in order to grow.


  • Go to our main page to get the best glimpse of the product, and let me know via mail that you'd like an invite to the product because you're interested in working with us.
  • We launched our private beta recently and are receiving outstanding user feedback so far. We also have thousands of professionals from a large spectrum of great companies on our waitlist.
  • Next up is our public beta. And this is just the beginning of our journey. The best is yet to come. ⚡️✨

Meet the team

We are a tightknit team of 4 – Emma, Daniele, Cain and Felix. Here is a photo from our most recent offsite in Lisbon ☀️

We’re working from wherever we want. A couple of us work from our Berlin hub while the rest are spread out across Rome and Stockholm.


We are all different, we recognize that, and we win. We have the goal to be the most talented firm in the industry and we'll end up being diverse as a result of that goal.

We strictly seek to not discriminate in hiring or any employment decision based on characteristics such as race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex etc. We will not ask about any of those things in an interview or later on. But if you'd like to share your story, that's cool!

We actively try to create an environment that encourages you to be yourself. In fact, we're looking for the round peg in a square whole – the misfits. You need to be different to be crazy enough to think you can change the world. ✌

Feel like browsing?

In all creative roles, the best is easily ten times better than average. Time off provides mental bandwidth.

We do regular team events and company off-sites.

We are mostly based in Berlin, but our set-up is fully remote.

"Nothing works without the details" – Dieter Rams

The first WYSIWYG text editor by the computer pioneer Douglas Engelbart.

“[a] record if it is to be useful to science, must be continuously extended, it must be stored, and above all it must be consulted” – Vannevar Bush ("As We May Think"), 1945

"The Humane Interface" – Jef Raskin. One of the most influential product design books we've read.

We are a brand new company in the making, and we want you to shape its culture with us.

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